The association Atelier Francine Del Pierre et Fance Franck

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The Francine Del Pierre Trust was established in 1980 to preserve the work of the great French ceramist and to make her work more widely known. The trust was originally founded to maintain the studio where Francine Del Pierre worked and to support Fance Franck, who had worked alongside the late artist until her death, permitting Fance Franck to continue her own work at the same studio. Fance Franck passed away in August 2008. However, the studio and the trust, subsequently renamed the “Atelier Francine Del Pierre et Fance Franck”, remain alive.

Jean d’Albis

Board of Trustees members:
Marie-Christine Daudy, Michel Delval, Antoine Gournay, Tara Whitbeck, and Caroline Wyss.

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A photo of the Studio
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