Elke Sada en résidence

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The residency at the Atelier Francine del Pierre et Fance Franck in rue Bonaparte was a wonderful opportunity to make new work in a fabulous atmosphere. Located in the centre of St. Germain I was amazed by the tranquility of the place once I entered the heavy door that leads into the court yard. The studio in the souterain of the building is spacious and a abat-jour makes it light even on a cloudy day. Which, in one month I stayed, happened only one or two time as the weather in August was splendid.

My aim during this month was to work on a new series of Hallstattpieces. Hallstattpieces is a serie of work that has been inspired from an ancient copper vessel in the Museum of Hallstatt in Austria in October 2010. This pot was riveted together from different size fragments and it was fascinating to me to see that. Immaediately I returned to the studio to translate that into clay.

The result was an ambitious size vessel : expressive, spontanious, bold.

I want to continue to work with that idea and I was happy to have time to make new pieces during residency.

Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami presented Hallstattpieces during SOFA Chicago and usually has a collection of Hallstattpieces in her gallery. Galerie Latham in Geneva bought one of the Hallstattpiece on show during the 13. Parcours Céramique Carougoise as a donation to Musée Arian in Geneva.

Gallery Kunstforum Solothurn is showing Hallstattpieces during « the vessel, the object » show.

For the prestigious Danner Prize 2014 I have entered two Hallstattpieces, Paris#5 and Paris#6, both I have made during the residency.

Elke Sada. Détail de Paris#5, Paris#2 et Paris#6 (Haastattpieces).

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